The circular economy is at the heart of Paper Round office supplies. We believe in maximising the lifespan of materials and creating new products from waste.

We also have a range of bespoke, branded stationery products made from your waste paper, to help tell your story.


Practical Plastic

What better way to reinforce your commitment to recycling and sustainability than having your uniforms made from your own plastic waste? 25 single-use plastic bottles go into making each of our wonderfully soft fleeces.

Why stop there? You can further tackle single-used plastics head-on by purchasing our branded reusable bottles made from recycled plastic.


Buy your own paper back

Our original circular economy product, Image paper is premium white and 100% recycled. The very same paper we collect from your business can be back in your printer, just six weeks later.

Making the switch to Image means you’ll boost your sustainability performance by reducing carbon emissions, saving trees and reducing water use.

Business cards made from coffee cups

A massive 2.5 billion coffee cups are being thrown away every year in the UK. This is a huge problem that has garnered mass media attention. Here at Paper Round, we’ve found a solution.

Your coffee cups are sorted and sent off to become high-quality card, to make a business card you won’t find anywhere else.