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Paper Round is different. We are the office supplies and services company striving to make business more sustainable. Originally founded by Friends of the Earth in 1988, the environment is at our heart.  Since then we’ve been working hard to provide our clients with products and services that are reliable, responsive and ethical.

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Our Circular Economy Products

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Our Approach

Paper Round finds smart ways to bring your waste back as high-quality products. Whether that’s closed-loop paper made from your own waste paper, or beautiful business cards made from your coffee cups, we can help you tell a powerful story with your waste.

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About Us

We are part of BPR Group. Trusted by thousands of businesses in London and the South East, we help our clients to build a better future for our planet. At Paper Round a commitment to charity is part of who we are, not just what we do. Challenging ourselves and often our clients, we collaborate to always stay a step ahead, regularly winning awards for our innovative approach.

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Our Circular Economy Products

Building a circular economy is fundamental to a sustainable future and Paper Round have all you need to get started.

100% closed loop paper,
see how we do this in 75 seconds.

Coffee cups to business cards,
see how we do this in 75 seconds.

Workwear created from plastic bottles,
see how we do this in 75 seconds.

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E-waste in the spotlight

New electronics are faster, smaller and increasingly convenient to use. Today, we live in a consumer driven society; constantly upgrading and replacing. It is no wonder then that electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, with around 50 million tonnes produced each year.

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